about us

Behind the KOKKU vision are Andrea Usai and his wife, and business partner, Ansula.

Ansula has inherited the creative spirit from a generation of architects and designers, while Andrea has extensive experience in the luxury travel sector. This, together with their rich cultural heritage in Sardinia, Sri Lanka and Germany means that they are passionate to make KOKKU their own legacy.


In summer 2010 the couple took a bold step to put their careers on hold to start up a new business venture. With dedication, verve, and passion, KOKKU was born, with the vision close to their heart of “preserving by promoting” undiscovered and threatened traditional craftsmanship by giving it a new life and personal meaning to people around the world.

KOKKU aims to bring artisans alive by international exposure within an ethical marketplace where artisans designs, fine workmanships and their names will have a platform to be recognized around the world. It has focused its first series of collections on Filigree Jewellery from Sardinia. The KOKKU jewellery presents a mystic and sacred collection of undiscovered Sardinian jewellery to touch a precious moment in a person’s life. Memorable and unique.

Andrea and Ansula are meticulous in selection of the very best of Sardinian artisans, specialists in filigree jewellery, all individually handpicked to make this unique series of collections: Nuvola, Petali, Mora, Fede Sarda and more.

For Andrea and Ansula, pieces from collection resonate of personal sacred memories and touching moments at key stages in their lives such as their engagement to the birth of their son and other special occasions. All these pieces have found a new meaning for them, they hope it will too for others around the world.


The business is driven by the following principles:

SIMPLICITY: our vision is to “preserve by promoting” undiscovered Master Artisans;
ETHICAL COMMITMENT: we support traditional craftsmanship, sourcing our product from independent artisans in Sardinia;
INNOVATION: our artisans have made possible exciting contemporary designs through patented techniques in filigree metalwork;
IDENTITY: taking its name from a traditional Sardinian symbol of protection, the Brand, KOKKU will represent strenght and growth;
ACUMEN: our business is driven by Ansula’s creating background and Andrea’s successful career in the luxury travel industry.