The mystic meaning of the Turchese collection is: "Cultural Exchange"

The design is dedicated to our special relationship with the USA. The idea behind is to find a cultural exchange with integrating the Sleeping Beauty turquoise from South-Western USA in the Sardinian goldsmith workmanship.


The mystic meaning of the Fedele collection is: "Loyalty"

The workmanship on the Fedele collection was originally used for the design of the bride`s wedding ring. The design is inspired by the ears of corn which are originally linked to the wish of wealth and prosperity for the couple in the Sardinian tradition.



The mystic meaning of the Corbula collection is: "Longevity"

The design is inspired by the everyday use of handcrafted baskets for harvesting in Sardinia; The never ending filigree spiral represents the cycle of life. This collection is often gifted as a wish for longevity in Sardinian tradition.


The mystic meaning of the Fenicio collection is: "Origins"

The design on the Fenicio collection is dedicated to the origins of Sardinian jewellery, finding inspiration from the Phoenician jewellery found in Sardinia. The workmanship on this piece represents the filigree at its highest expression and it is a clear evidence of the quality of KOKKU jewellery.



The mystic meaning of the Unici collection is: "Eternity"

Each piece of KOKKU resonates with Sardinian, Greek-Roman and Byzantine designs with Persian and Arabic influence.  The fusion of these cultures, brought into a modern and contemporary context, produces fresh and vibrant jewellery yet with an eternal look.