The art of filigree (which is also known as filagry) jewellery is deeply rooted in Sardinian history. It was introduced by the Phoenicians, who landed on the shores of Sardinia around 1000BC, bringing with them their traditions, culture and artistic skill. One of these skills was the production of filigree metalwork. From then on filigree became an important part of the cultural identity of Sardinia. Historically, Sardinian filigree celebrated female beauty and grace.

Filigree or Filagry is made from the finest twisted gold or silver threads, the delicate ornamental work demands endless patience and composure. The only way to reach the required level of precision and intricacy is to make each piece by hand.

Each of our KOKKU jewelery collections are inspired by traditional Sardinian, Greek-Roman and Byzantine designs, with Persian and Arabic influence. The fusion of these cultures, brought into a contemporary context, gives KOKKU jewellery its fresh and vibrant, yet eternal style.

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Our social responsibility and ethical commitment form the foundation of our working practice.

We are passionate about the community we support in Sardinia and our primary focus is the preservation of traditional filigree / filagry craft. Our aim is to attract new generations to learn these valuable skills, by creating a worldwide demand for the jewellery.

So, we are enormously proud to have founded KOKKU, an initiative that promotes Sardinian filigree around the world. Our family and community of artists are enthusiastic about working together, which in turn delivers the highest level of quality for KOKKU, and the greatest satisfaction for our customers.


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