At KOKKU we believe that in order to do something well you must be proud of what you do.

Our goal is to make intricate, elegant jewellery that is as wearable in everyday life as on special occasions. Our vision is to "preserve by promoting" traditional artisan crafts, giving them new life and personal meaning to people around the world. Our jewellery is made entirely by hand using the skills that have been handed down from generation to generation, within our family in the last centuries and for 3,000 years before us.

For years, our family has celebrated special moments in our lives with a piece of filigree jewellery, to seal memories around a specific event. We hope that you enjoy the selection presented here and we would be thrilled if you adopt a KOKKU to celebrate one of your own special moments.

Andrea and Ansula Usai

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Ansula, half German and half Sri Lankan, inherited the creative spirit from a generation of architects and designers, while Sardinian-born Andrea, represents the fifth generation of filigree business in the family.

KOKKU takes its name from a Sardinian amulet made of onyx or obsidian and silver that protects new born babies against the "evil eye". We chose the name after an illness left our second child completely without appetite; only when a kokku was placed around his neck did he regain his health and vitality.


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